Project: St. Catherine AME Zion Church

Last Supper Mural by Manrique
Detail of Mural by Manrique
Last Supper Mural Detail by Manrique
Last Supper Wall Mural - Manriqu
Piero Manrique Paints Wall Mural
Last Supper Mural Detail MMAD
Last Supper Mural by Manrique
Piero Manrique with his Wall Mural

After renovating classrooms and installing an elevator, St. Catherine AME Zion Church in New Rochelle, NY was left with a 24-foot long hallway - the perfect location for a mural. So the church commissioned Piero Manrique to create a mural depicting the Last Supper.


Piero brought the scene to life using a vibrant color palette. He added a Renaissance-styled landscape that can be seen through the windows, and placed the figures within a detailed architectural structure. With the perspective Piero used in designing the mural, the painting gives a sense of depth to the rather narrow hallway in which it is placed. The individual faces of the apostles each have their own personality. Together they express a wide range of emotions, bringing drama and a sense of reverence to the scene.