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Office art custom design for work spaces

Even attractive, professional looking offices can lack a sense of the unique identity of the organization. MMAD's office art designs add the creative spark to a space that beautifully expresses an organization's mission. Our office and lobby art installations help  visitors and employees immediately identify the priorities of the business and what sets it apart from competitors. With contemporary art for offices, a business communicates that the company is moving forward.

Manrique Mural Art and Design creates unique, site-specific murals, paintings and mixed-media office art for lobbys, conference rooms, reception areas, workspaces and break rooms. We can adapt your logo into fantastic works of art. We can design  creative navigational signs. And we can produce beautiful art installations for your lobby or conference room.

For employees, MMAD's custom art designs reinforce the purposes and goals of the organization in a beautiful and creative way. Art can be used to improve employee motivation, creativity and even retention. For a business with satellite offices, our MMAD customart can be used to create a common identity of the organization through all of its locations.

Manrique Office Art Logo Conference Room Painting

Watch Piero Manrique create conference room painting for BrandStar on Office Spaces

Office art custom art conference room
office art lobby art custom art for work spaces

Our office art designs are also solutions to architectural challenges in a space, such as making a large room feel more intimate, hiding unsightly walls, and bringing life to an interior room.

MMAD's artistic director, Piero Manrique, is trained in both fine art and architecture. He always considers how his designs will impact with the overall design intentions of a space.

We would be excited to hear about your office design.  Please contact us today so we can discuss office art  design possbilities for your work space.

Manrique Conference Room Mural Office Art
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