Project: BrandStar Work Space Art

Brand Star Workspace Mural
Detail of Manrique Brandstar Mural
Detail of Manrique Brandstar Mural
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BrandStar is a  global marketing firm offering state-of-the-art, full-service production studios and planning for both digital and traditional media. The company recently moved its operations into brand new offices and studios. The interior designer for this project, Kalyn Rothaus, approached Manrique Mural Art and Design about ways to use art to bring color and life into work areas, while at the same time express the innovation and sense of teamwork that the company is known for. The result was a reworking of the Brandstar Logo on a giant canvas for the new conference room, and a fantastic two-story wall mural for the new creative workspace.

Piero Manrique's designs began with elements of the Brandstar's colorful logo, He plays with these elements in abstract compositions that appear three-dimensional. They are contemporary "remixes" of the logo, inspiring employees and visitors alike.

Watch Piero Manrique create conference room painting for BrandStar on Office Spaces

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