Project: Brooklyn Bridge Mural

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (formerly The Ten Penny Restaurant), located in mid-town Manhattan, underwent a complete renovation in 2013. The restaurant's dining room features a two-story back wall, with the stairs to the restrooms running alongside it to the lower floor.  A half way separates the dining area from the stairway.  Before the renovation, this back wall was painted a solid deep red color. The restaurant wanted a more sophisticated treatment for this major design element, something that could become a contemporary art statement in the room.


To achieve this, the wall was painted a deep twilight blue. Next, Piero Manrique created a sweeping white line drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge that fills the space.  This mural is now the centerpiece of the dining room, giving the space an elegant sophistication. He drew the lines with white fabric paint to give the mural texture and to make sure the lines of the bridge "popped" out from the dark surface color.


Running down the stairs, the mural continues with a view of apartment buildings near the base of the bridge.  Viewers can see small domestic scenes within the windows of the apartments, giving the mural a fanciful, engaging feeling, despite its size and dramatic stature.  To view Piero Manrique creating this mural, click here.

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