Project: City Center Lobby Mural

MMAD's bold, 2,000-square-foot mural titled “Geometric Windows,” is the centerpiece of the renovated and redesigned lobby entrance to City Center on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains. This large contemporary mural runs along the wall above the escalator from the first to the second floor, continuing underneath and around the newly exposed wall at its base. Layer upon layer of sharp geometric shapes, rendered in an array of strong colors, appear to slide over and under one another, created by airbrushed "shadows" around their edges.


Piero Manrique designed this mural with the contemporary design and geometric shapes of the lobby in mind. The bright mix of colors bring energy to the space and delight the many visitors to the lobby who are on their way to the theatre and shopping outlets. The three-dimensional aspect of the art brings depth to the large flat wall. The mural, with its diverse colors that come together to create an amazing array of shapes, represents the vibrant community of the city of White Plains.

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