Project: Brooklyn Apartment Murals

Piero Manrique Brooklyn Apt Mural
Brooklyn Apartment Before
Piero Manrique painting dining room blue
Piero Manrique Abstract Stairway Mural
Brookly apt.  stairway before mural
Piero Manrique Abstract Wall Mural frame
Piero Manrique Detail of Abstract Stairw
Piero Manrique Abstract Mural Detail
Piero Manrique with his Brooklyn Aot Sta
Piero Manrique Brooklyn Garage Door Mura
Piero Manrique Leaf Mural on garage door
Piero Manrique Leaf Mural corner
Piero Manrique Mural on Cloth

A property owner in Brooklyn coordinated with Piero Manrique to create a series of contemporary murals throughout an apartment intended to serve as an Airbnb. The result was a stunning mural in the dining area, a captivating abstract wall mural along the stairway, plus an innovative design in the garage "game room" for guests. In addition, Piero painted a minimalist figure of a woman with flower image on cloth.


These Instagram worthy murals brought charm and attention to this apartment in a trendy section of NYC.