Project: Painting for Crystal Point Lobby

Piero Manrique Painting in NJ Lobby
"Splash" by Piero Manrique
Manrique Painting - Crystal Point
Lobby with Piero Manrique Painting
Crystal Point - Jersey City

Crystal Point is a luxury condominum located in Jersey City, NJ. It sits directly alongside the Hudson River with outstanding views of the water and the Manhattan skyline. The building's decorating committee commmissioned Piero Manrique to create an original abstract painting for the lobby. He used a water theme in keeping with the buidling's location. He used bright blue colors and produced the painting with a combination of brushstrokes and pouring techniques. He created a vibrant abstract work that complemented the decor of the lobby while adding new energy to the room.

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Lobby with Piero Manrique Painting

Piero Manrique designed this contemporary painting for the lobby of Crystal Point in Jersey City, NJ.