Project: Expo Freight Murals

Expo Freight Map in Room
Expo Freight Map Detail
Expo Freight Map Detail 2
Expo Freight Compass in Room
Expo Freight Compass in Room without Furniture
Expo Freight Compass Detail

Originating in Sri Lanka, Expo Freight (EFL) has established itself as a premier provider of international freight forwarding solutions. EFL now covers over 20 countries including the U.S. EFL in New York recently moved its offices to a new location in Queens, NY. The company hired Piero Manrique to paint graphical navigational designs in its new reception area and conference room.


Piero used the grey/orange/white/black color palette used throughout the interior design of the offices to produce a large "antique" compass on a wall in the reception area. The result was a stunning and bold artistic statement. He also created a line drawing of a map of the world in the conference room, highlighted with orange markers to indicate each EFL location around the globe. The map brings dynamic, visual interest to the room.