Project: J House Greenwich Hotel Murals

J House Greenwich Hotel Exterior Mur
Detail of Greenwich CT mural by MMAD
MMAD Custom Mural CT Detail
Hotel Mural by CT Muralist Manrique
MMAD Graffiti Style Hotel Mural
Custom signs at J House by MMAD

The J House Greenwich is a boutique luxury hotel in the Riverside section of Greenwich, CT. It features a modern art gallery in its lobby areas, restaurant and stairways. Faced with the design challenge of what to do with an exterior covered walkway leading to the pool area, the hotel called upon Piero Manrique to create fine art murals in a graffiti style to cover the cement walls.


The murals he conceived for this space have the dual purpose of delighting guests with their bold, bright colors and innovative design elements, while at the same time adding directional signs for the hotel's pool and spa. They are a clever solution for adding necessary signage while extending the modern art vibe of the hotel. In addition to the murals, Piero designed signs for the pool area and spa entrance.