Project: Village Street Mural

Piero Manrique Mural "Free"
"Free" street mural by MMAD
Detail of Manrique Mural "Free"
Detail of Piero Manrique Mural
Detail of Manrique Mural "Free"
Piero Manrique painting "Free" mural
Start of Mamroneck Street Mural
Piero Manrique paints "Free" mural
Section of Manrique street mural

Piero Manrique was commissioned by the Arts Council of the Village of Mamaroneck to paint this public street mural as part of the Council's Arts Live initiative.  Manrique chose to create this image of a hawk in flight which he entitled "Free," a striking portrait featuring large abstract sections which express the tremendous energy and spirit of this mythic figure. Manrique was inspired by ancient symbols of his native Peruvian Inca culture and the traditional art created by North American Indian tribes.  With this work, Manrique hopes to remind the viewer of the common bonds shared between all cultures, and the power of our collective imagination

As he developed his rendering for this image,Manrique took into consideration the electrical lines and other mechanical features attached to the wall. He designed the image to follow the flow of these objects. At different times of the day, they add there own abstract shapes to the mural. Manrique also took into consideration the direction of the traffic  flowing in front of the mural.


To produce this image, he used a combination of acrylic spray paints and exterior semi-gloss paints that he applied with brushes and rollers. The stucco wall has thick ridges of plaster throughout the surface and this design with its intricate overlay of lines of shapes works perfectly on the uneven surface.