Project: New Rochelle Train Station Murals

New Rochelle Station Mural by MMAD
New Rochelle Station Mural by MMAD
Before & After MMAD Mural at Station
Before & After MMAD Station Mural
Before & After MMAD Station Mural
Detail of New Rochelle Mural by MMAD
Detail from MMAD Station Mural
Pearl Primus in MMAD Station Mural
Manrique Painting Station Mural
Details from MMAD Station Mural
Famous Residents in MMAD Mural
Norman Rockwell - MMAD Station Mural
The Castles in MMAD Station Mural
Glen Island in MMAD Station Mural
Detail from MMAD Station Mural
Mighty Mouse in MMAD Station Mural

The New Rochelle train station, built in 1887, is listed on the national registrar of historic places.  It serves as both a Metro North and Amtrak station with thousands of commuters passing through it every day.  The area in which the train station is located is currently being developed as a modern transit hub by the city, with a large adjacent bus station and pedestrian walkways planned for the future.


New Rochelle's Economic Development Department commissioned Manrique Mural Art and Design to produce large scale murals throughout the interior of the station. The department requested MMAD to create murals depicting the history of New Rochelle's architecture, transportation and sea coast.  The city also asked that the mural include images of notable individuals who had lived in New Rochelle who are known for their outstanding talents and contributions to the community.


Working in conjunction with the Economic Development Department and the city's librarian, Piero Manrique designed floor to ceiling murals for the main room, adjacent hallway and seating alcoves in a collage-style which include images of famous athletes, political activists, and artists.  Manrique then created the murals with brightly colored, semi-gloss house paints and fine art acrylics. 


To begin, all of the walls were painted a brilliant blue color by the project's subcontractor, Kearney Business Solutions. Manrique then added white clouds along the upper edges of the walls to create a sense of the sky. The Manrique created views of the New Rochelle waterfront, New Rochelle's rural beginnings, and many examples of the city's famous art deco architecture.  The scenes running along the wall are a fantastic and fun display of the city's history, populated by images of famous New Rochelle citizens such as Willie Mays and Norman Rockwell.


In designing these murals, Manrique saw the need to bring positive energy into this anonymous, urban setting.  Now people rushing to work and the train will pause and smile as they view the mural and catch glimpses of Mighty Mouse alongside of John Jay and Rubie Dee. The murals illustrate the proud heritage of this unique, multi-cultural city.