Project: The Prelude Lobby Mural

MMAD Mural at The Prelude in NY
Detail of Mural by Piero Manrique
First Wall of Mural at The Prelude
Piero Manrique Hudson River Mural
MMAD Prelude Mural Left Side
MMAD Prelude Mural Right Side
Manrique Paints Hudson River Mural

Arts Westchester commissioned MMAD's Piero Manrique to create a mural for the mailbox area of the lobby of The Prelude in White Plains. Originally the commission included only the center wall. However, the response to the mural by the residents was so great that the commission was expanded to include the other two walls of the alcove.

For the design of the mural, Manrique chose a Hudson River landscape theme, with beautiful trees alongside the flowing river and mountains in the distance. Then he added images of young people jumping and dancing to represent the exuberance of the residents of The Prelude. The result is a contemporary artistic statement that fills the lobby with colorful energy.